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    10 Top 500 private enterprises in Vietnam in 2015
    Friday, 10:54 - 01/07/2016

    Strictly speaking, who brought gold from Mrs. Leila Ben Ali's Tunisia, Tunisia's first lady. A week before Ben Ali regime collapsed, Ms. Leila to the central bank governor's directives bank gave her 1.5 tonnes of gold bullion worth nearly $ 60 million. At first he refused, but the governor after President Ben Ali intervened personally, he had to follow orders.>

    Leila and her family used flown to the city of gold Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Then, Mr. Ben Ali, along with their children and family relatives to fly to Saudi Arabia also refugees.


    Leila Ben Ali First Lady is the most famous in the Arab world about the lavish lifestyle, spending money like water, dressed all in effect, like driving a sports car (her family has more than 50 units), often shopping in Dubai, each spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, she was nicknamed "Imelda Marcos of the Arab world." Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the Philippines, is the second richest politician Philippines, whose wealth is said to have been due to corruption during her husband's reign.


    Leila also has another nickname as "Marie Antoinette of Tunisia" with haughty hobby. She often sent in taking a private jet to St. Tropez, famous resort town in France's super-rich, buy ice cream and luxury foods carrying on her mansion in beach Tunisia.

    Leila Trabelsi (maiden name) was the second wife of Mr Ben Ali. From a girl as a hairdresser, a step to become the first lady. Leila have 10 brothers and sisters and dozens of grandchildren. Trabelsi clan famous most corrupt origin, using the powers of the president Ben Ali dominates the banking sector, the real estate business, the major supermarkets, telecommunications, media, customs ... in general, domestic media as she Leila is a symbol of corruption in Tunisia, rapacious than her husband.

    In 2008, the US ambassador in Tunisia secret report on the US State Department that "Ben Ali's wife and her family make the most indignation Tunisian people." Power of this picture was leaked on WikiLeaks website last year.

    Arduous recovery of illegal assets

    Dictators like the Persian Gulf, the property is difficult to determine the secret of Ben Ali and his family were plundered in 23 years in power. In 2008, Forbes magazine estimated his assets of $ 5 billion. However, according to Mr. Sami Ramadi, chairman of the Financial Transparency Tunisia, the assets of former Tunisian president could reach 17 billion dollars.

    The most difficult thing for the government of Tunisia, as well as the governments of Libya, Egypt ... after the "Arab Spring" and the "Jasmine Revolution", is to identify the place of hiding assets and legal procedures to recover the stolen property.

    After Ben Ali resigned on 14/1/2011, Tunisia's interim government set up in November last year began a campaign recovered illicit assets of Ben Ali and his wife. Many companies and estate of his 114 Ben Ali relatives were confiscated. 33 members of Ben Ali's family arrested at the border crossing.

    "We have seized a plane of Ben Ali's family (the Falcon 900 worth $ 15 million) and a villa in Canada, are making procedures 28 million recovery of Mrs. Leila Ben Ali in a bank deposit restaurant in Beirut (Lebanon), "Hamadi Jebali Prime Minister declared the day 18/7.

    According to the People's Army.